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User Centric Device and Service Processing

Mobile devices are everywhere. In our personal environment we own and utilize a heterogeneous infrastructure of simple sensors, actuators, as well as powerful devices. However,they are poorly integrated and difficult for the average user to control and take advantage of. For example, there are heterogeneous protocols, software and user interfaces whichcause a high complexity in the installation process and make it difficult for such devices to communicate with each other. We believe that a solution that supports users in managingand integrating their devices and devices owned by others without any programming effort, would offer significant advantages for the users.

The current approach is to connectdevices with servers and servers with servers using defined interfaces and standardize everything (e.g. SyncML, iCal, vCard, etc.). But this is much too slow in the speed of evolutionwithin the emerging smart device environment. Also, the complexity of integrating new modules into the system limits scalability. Most importantly, the average user doesnot possess the necessary skills to successfully connect devices.


Therefore, the MERCURY project aims -

To research and develop prototypes that use Web Portals to provide an integrated, user centric management of heterogeneous devices and the event and data oriented information they can provide and the services they can offer.


MERCURY project is a joint project between the Institute of Computer Science at FSU Jena and the IBMDeutschland Research & Development GmbH in Boeblingen.

For the latest demo, you can download from here.

Update news PhD Symposium in ESOCC 2013

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